Since 1968, Relay has provided nation wide answering service that has reached out with innovative solutions to help clients keep in touch with people all over the world via a wide range of innovative telecommunications systems.     Our early switchboard system took many people to handle calls that can be done
by computer in half the time.   Our Web Order Assist has also been a popular feature to those who need assistance with the internet and placing orders.

Answering Services

Long Island Answering Service offers a variety of message taking options to help answer calls effectively and accurately. 


Call Scripting is available.

2-Way Radio / Repeater Services

Two-way Radio services and
Repeater Services can be useful
for keeping in contact with your
crew and/or staff for businesses
that have mobile services. 

Dispatching / Emailing

Dispatching and emailing and Texting are all part of today's vast variety of sending messages quickly to clients who need messages right away.